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  Finding a nanny job in the UK
  Finding a nanny job in the UK may seem like a daunting task. With so many nanny agencies and different websites geared towards finding a nanny job it can be overwhelming and most nannies are unclear about who they can trust to help them find work and where to start the job finding process. The good news is there is currently a shortage of nannies and certified child minders throughout the UK so if you are a nanny or a child minder looking for work then there are a lot of positions out there for you.
In order to appeal to families it is important that you have gained some previous experience as a nanny or child minder. Most families looking to hire a nanny or general child care provider will check to see if you are a certified child minder or are an experienced nanny. The first step therefore is to make sure that you have had this all too important experience some form of certification in child care. You can gain this invaluable experience by babysitting, and there are many child care course throughout the UK offering certification in child care. It is vital for employers that you have also completed a first aid course. Without a first aid certificate most families will overlook you as a suitable child minder or nanny for their children.

If you have the necessary qualifications, experience and certification then you really are ready to begin your nanny job search. Most cities throughout the UK do advertise nanny and child minder jobs in the local papers, in newsagents’ windows, local nurseries and often in local doctors’ surgeries. You can also find a good number of nanny jobs through word of mouth and through recommendations. The problem is not everyone is so well connected, particularly if you are new to an area or to the field of child care provider and only those in the know can gain jobs through word of mouth.

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Many agencies in the UK have sprung up and are geared specifically for nannies, babysitters and child minders, to help them find nanny jobs in the UK. Grand promises of finding nanny jobs are made and there are successful placements made, nannies are expected to pay agency fees that can be extremely expensive; often more than most nannies are able to afford.
As an alternative to nanny agencies many nannies and child minders are now turning to the internet to find nanny jobs in the UK. There are a great deal of sites throughout the UK and one can find sites dedicated to nanny jobs in specific cities. All of the websites are geared towards nannies finding nanny jobs and all are free to use.

Find a Nanny Jobs with Online Nanny Search Service
One such website is where you can find everything you will need on your nanny or child minder job search. The thing that stands out about this website is that it is nationwide. The website is geared to nanny jobs throughout the UK including major cities like London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Leeds, Manchester, Bristol, Liverpool, Sheffield, Edinburgh, Leicester. The website is easy to use, free of charge and allows you the opportunity to highlight your skills and abilities in your nanny profile for employers across the UK to see. You can attach references, evidence of completion of your first aid, relevant certificates and photos to your profile to attract employers and you have specific sections to fill in that allow employers to get a better understanding of who you are and why they would benefit from hiring a person like you. Employers wanting to hire a nanny will go to the site, find your profile and contact you by sending you a direct message. All you have to do is sit back and make sure to respond to the employers who have nanny or child minder positions that sound attractive to you.

You are also able to view jobs online that employers have posted on the job board. If you are not tied down to a specific city and are willing to relocate then you can search for jobs throughout the UK or you can limit your searches to view the nanny jobs available in your specific area.

The staff at is committed to helping you find work as a nanny anywhere in the UK and use their specialist knowledge to answer specific questions you may have, about finding a nanny job in the UK, contracts, salary expectations and what you are entitled to as an employee.

With high standards they are keen to always maintain is reputable, nannies, babysitters and child minders in the UK, should register for free at

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